Roll ‘n’ Recycle® is an innovation that is being rolled (pun intended) out as you read this. It’s a very exciting time for the program but much more importantly the recycling industry. Help us report all of the achievements Roll ‘n’ Recycle® has made in the community and please keep rolling!

The numbers



tonnes of soft plastic packaging disposed of each year in Australia

Less than


was returned to the circular economy


is the target with consumers, business and governments uniting together

Our goal



is a key target year for sustainability GLOBALLY


tonnes of plastic packaging targeted by Roll ‘n’ Recycle®

At least


Australian households to use Roll ‘n’ Recycle® but we want to have more!


kilograms of Roll 'n' Recycle® packaging for each of these households per year is all it will take!

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Multi-award winning Australian recycling innovator Plastic Forests is tackling the country's plastic recycling crisis head on with the launch of Mini Wheel Stop™, which is the first Australian made recycled product for inside the home made entirely from mixed plastic film, enabling the public to become part of the solution to the plastic waste crisis.

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