Recycling can be confusing so we have outlined the approach that is used to ensure the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark is only applied to flexible plastic pouches that will be acceptable to recyclers.

This assessment methodology is included in the Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal (www.prep.org.au). Companies wishing to use the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark need to have completed a PREP assessment and provided a copy of the report.

No, the rolling is the key ingredient to allow the packaging to make it through the recycling process. If it is not rolled, the plastic pouch/bag will end up in the paper stream at the recycling facility and contaminate it causing lost time and money and ultimately ending up in landfill.

Yes, once the pouch has been rolled it can be classified as ‘rigid plastic’ as it is now self supporting.

Low Density Polypropylene (LDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) are the materials commonly used for these pouches. Both of these materials are widely accepted by Councils based on surveys completed by Planet Ark.

Yes, the certified pouches will be long enough to travel across this screens to the plastic container stream.

Yes, the rolled pouches will be sorted similarly to plastic bottles

Yes, we ensure that the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark is only included on these type of pouches.

Yes, we ensure that the Roll ‘n’ Recycle® Mark is only included on these types of pouches.

A full real world trial was conducted and Roll ‘n’ Recycle® passed with flying colours. The trial and many conversations over years have involved many industry experts from many areas of the recycling and packaging industries.